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I may not be the best person to be writing this post on Clixsense because I haven’t really made a whole lot of money on Clixsense, regardless, I have heard a lot of success stories about Clixsesnse and even though I have been quite unserious about earning money through this channel, I have managed to earn $14 just by dropping in to the anytime I feel like. However, many people are really making some side money with Clixsense which is why I thought not revealing the Clixsense-Secret will be hoarding secrets from my faithful readers (I love you all, by the way).

Before you start thinking that Clixsense is not a profitable side business because I said I’ve only earned $14 on it, there are people earning a lot on Clixsense. Check out this guy who has earned up to $1500 on the site.

earn $1500 on Clixsense

There’s also this guy who earned up to $81,000 on Clixsense. This should be enough evidence to tell you that Clixsense is a gold mine that only a number of people know about and exploit.

earn $81,000 on clixsense

Before we get down to the business of the day, “How to earn money with Clixsense“, let me assure you that Clixsense has ensured that no matter what country you’re from, if you earn with them, there’s a way for you to cashout or withdraw your earnings. I’m saying this because many people from certain countries are always worried about whether withdrawing the money they’ve made online.

You’re in luck because you have five cashout options (Of course, terms and conditions apply):

  1. Dwolla (Your minimum cashout is $10 and it’s free)
  2. Payoneer (Your minimum cashout is $20 but you have to pay a $2 fee out of your cashout to Payoneer)
  3. Skrill (Your minimum cashout is $10 but 1% of your withdrawal goes to Skrill)
  4. Tango card (Your mimimum cashout is $10 and it’s free)
  5. Check (You can get a check if you live in the United States and Canada but Clixsense will collect $1 from your check and your minimum cashout is $10)

Among these options, at least one should support cashout withdrawal from your country and you can withdraw your earnings.

Clixsense cashout options

I can assure you that it is legit because I recently withdrew $11.82 in the form of a tango visa card, so just choose the option that works best for you.

my tango card from clixsense


  1. By Taking Paid Surveys

You can earn money by taking surveys on Clixsense. These kind of surveys are used to gather consumer opinions which will then influence the creation of products and services.

In order to get survey invites, you have to complete your survey profile with accurate information so that you will receive surveys that fit your profile and interests.

Each survey invite you get pay minimum $0.25 to as high as $2 mostly according to the time to be spent on the survey. Some people are even lucky to find surveys at higher rates. Most surveys pay instantly to your Clixsense balance but some marked with a red flag are paid 30 days after completion.

The truth is almost every day, you’ll lose some surveys either because you didn’t qualify, your profile is not suitable for the survey or they already have enough candidates so be prepared for these case scenarios. One thing I have also noticed is that when doing a survey, moving to another tab on that browser might lead to disqualification so you should try to avoid that.

surveys on clixsense

  1. Through Cash offers

Most people who earn on Clixsense earn with surveys but offers are another integral means of earning money on the site which is why you should always check your offers which consist of a lot of things like microtasks, signups, watching videos, downloading and installing an app or game on your phone, etc.

completing offers on clixsense

Luckily, Clixsense provides a lot of offers through sites such as, Trialpay, offertoro, Wannads, Adscend, Adgate, and Kiwiwall. If you go through your offers you should be able to find something (surveys or offers) to do and money to earn especially from

personaly on clixsense

By the way, clixcents are the same as dollar cents, e.g, 56 cents or clixcents = $0.56

  1. By Completing Micro Tasks

You can also earn money on Clixsense by completing very easy anybody-but-a-bot-can-do-it tasks which are provided by Figure Eight (formerly Crowdflower). If you have time, then you can earn with these tasks. They are usually very simple tasks like data entry, getting addresses, etc and you can get up to ten tasks every day (There is always more tasks than surveys especially after you’ve built a good task-completing reputation).

micro tasks on clixsense

  1. Through the Clixsense referral program

You know if you want to earn money online, you should probably be aware that Affiliate marketing is quite the rage. Almost every product or business has an affiliate program and Clixsense is no exception.

  • You can earn a commission of up to $0.10 to $0.30 for everyone who signs up with your link depending on their countries.
  • And whenever your referrals earn their first $5, you get $2 bonus.
  • For every approved survey, offer and task that your referrals complete, you get 20%.

So imagine you referred 20 people, you earn a commission of $0.10 for each of them (worst case scenario) = $2

Your 20 referrals earn their first $5= Your $2 bonus x 20= $40

10 of your referrals earn $50 from surveys= 10 x (20% of $50)= $100

That’s something to consider!

affiliate program on clixsense

  1. Daily survey routers

clixsense daily survey router

These are like routes you can try at different hours of the day to find surveys. It’s really like a channel on a radio where Clixsense is the radio and it has a couple of channels with interesting programs at different times of the day which you won’t know about until you tune in.


  1. Go to Clixsense site and sign up.

sign up on clixsense

2. Refer people by telling them about the various ways they can earn through Clixsense.

3. Download the ClixAddon for your browser so that you will receive notifications of available survey, offers or tasks. This will save you from logging in many times a day just to check if there’s any available survey for you. Once you’re connected to the internet and the browser for which you installed the Clixaddon is open, you’ll get notifications of any new surveys or tasks.

clixaddon on clixsense


In conclusion,

Clixsense is a legit website that truly pays people to complete surveys and micro tasks. They even allow you to play games for fun (you don’t get paid) on the site. They also have a very active forum in case you run into any problems.

So take action immediately, don’t procrastinate, just sign up for a Clixsense account with my affiliate link and start earning today.

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