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How to get followers on Twitter without paying a dime (And 35 twitter tools)

how to get followers on twitter without paying a dime student hustler

I’m going to start this blog post with a short story to encourage you to take steps even when it seems as if things aren’t going your way but don’t worry, I will eventually get to the part where I teach you how to increase twitter followers for free.

On the 30th of July, 2018, I was sitting in my room looking at my blog statistics and social media stats and feeling very sorry for myself.

It seemed to me that all the stats were incredibly low even though I was putting so much effort (not that much effort, actually) and everything seemed to be so stagnant.

People who had laughed at me for having a blog began to seem right.

And now my stats seemed to be laughing at me too…

Should I give up now and do something else?

But I’m who I am so from self-pity, I went to anger and eagerness to prove everyone (people and stats) wrong. So I opened my twitter account and got moving from there.

I started reading a couple of resources, following the right people, experimenting and doing the right things and voila even with the breaks I had to take away because of classes, work, and power failure, I still managed to land 126 new followers in August and 16.6k impressions on twitter.

And although, this number of followers and impression seems low, it was not easily attained and you might just be able to get better results than I did.

july poor twitter followers


twitter followers evidence for August


For those who don’t know what twitter is, twitter is a social media platform which allows it users to send out tweets. With tweets, you can let your friends and followers know what you’re doing, share links and resources, drive traffic to your blog, communicate with your potential and current customers.

Twitter was launched by Jack Doracy in 2006 and in 2008/2009, the social media network became extremely popular for its simple user interface and ease of use.

Many celebrities, influencers, companies, etc use twitter to communicate with their fans, customers, and followers. Of course, it’s also Donald Trump’s social media tool of choice.

TwitterInfographicFlowtown twitter followers

Source Link: Infographic about Twitter


For any twitter user to achieve anything on twitter, you have to have an average number of twitter followers and you can’t get twitter followers by popping into twitter every week and placing a tweet useful or not and retweeting a bunch of tweets from influencers. You have to develop a twitter marketing strategy that you can use to gain twitter followers and engage them.

The truth is, there are different types or categories of twitter users using twitter for different purposes.

Forbes outlined the different types of twitter users:

  1. Undead – Inactive twitter users.
  2. Protector – Twitter users with locked accounts
  3. Chirper – Stay at home moms, bored teens or even professionals who lack twitter marketing strategy.
  4. Fan – Those following celebrities and monitoting their twitter activity.
  5. Networker – Ambitious/ opportunistic twitter users using twitter for their career, business, blogs, etc.
  6. Scouts – Monitoring, tweeting and retweeting information related to their passions and interests.
  7. Stars – Celebrities who use their twitter accounts to promote themselves and engage with their audience.
  8. E-lebrities – Writers, podcasters, authors, bloggers, etc who earn their living directly or indirectly via twitter.
  9. MediaCo- Big media and entertainment companies such as Times, The Onion, CNN, etc.
  10. Organisations and Non-media companies such as Starbucks, Wholefoods, etc

Choose what kind of user you are, if you know it’s not listed here, please leave a comment below about what kind of twitter user you think you are.


Why have twitter followers?

Regardless of who you are on twitter and what twitter represents to you, there are many ways you can use twitter to your advantage or to make money such as:

  • You can use twitter for affiliate marketing. Both NNU and Newspay are affiliate marketing work-at-home programs exclusively for Nigerians which require you to share sponsored posts on either twitter or facebook and give you rewards for it.
  • You need twitter followers to market your products to on Twitter.
  • You can use twitter to keep your customers or blog readers updated.
  • You can also make money as a twitter social media marketer managing twitter accounts for any of the different types of twitter users listed above.
  • You can use twitter to build relationships. Twitter allows you to speak to people you admire and even get responses from them.

  • Twitter can also be used to increase your brand awareness.


[ctt template=”3″ link=”1kfLg” via=”yes” ]Without twitter followers, you can’t hope to achieve much on twitter. It’s like putting bread in a spoilt toast machine, you won’t get any toast (results).[/ctt]

Of course, many people would like to take shortcuts and that’s where we get questions like:

-Can I buy twitter followers?

– Where to buy twitter followers?

Let me answer the first question, yes, it is very possible to buy twitter followers and some people can even buy legit twitter followers but the real question you should be asking is, “Is it worthwhile to buy twitter followers?“

My answer to that will be no, it’s definitely not worthwhile to buy twitter followers.

Let me give you a case scenario. Let’s say you’re trying to get followers so you can market and sell your newly published social media marketing ebook to them. The only people who can or who will buy your book are those interested in social media marketing.

But when you buy twitter followers, there arises a question about whether these twitter followers are real or fake. Even if they’re real, how many of them actually care about your niche and what you’re trying to sell? 100/500. And what are the odds that 10 of that 100 are willing to buy your $5 smm book? After you bought 500 supposedly legit twitter followers for $50.
Therefore, I would not advise you to buy twitter followers. Work for them, use a twitter followers strategy, experiment until you get it right and get twitter followers for free with your hardwork.

Now to the real reason why you were invited here:

[ctt template=”3″ link=”c8R6c” via=”no” ]Here are 22 steps to take to get followers on Twitter as a Twitter Newbie or increase twitter followers if you’ve been on twitter for sometime.[/ctt]


1. Optimize your twitter bio

Make your twitter bio attractive, brief and professional.

There are numerous guides out there to help you create a twitter bio that will help you connect to influencers, your target audience and to other people on Twitter.

Just remember to use the relevant hashtags and keywords in your bio so people searching for related stuff can find you. And don’t forget to add links to your website, blog or linkedin account.

Chris Makara recently wrote a guide on how to create a professional twitter bio, you should probably check it out.



2. Clean out your twitter account

Many people don’t know this but there are some stuff that shouldn’t be on your twitter page. Take the time and clean out necessary stuff on your twitter account, only include things you want your twitter account to target.

For example, if you’re into affiliate marketing, at least 60-70% of tweets should be about marketing. So go to your twitter account and delete a lot of stuff as soon as possible.

If you want your twitter account to be a professional one, those three cat videos you tweeted/retweeted last night need to go.

Read more: 6 Tips to Clean Up Your Twitter Account

3. Follow Influencers

To succeed anywhere, you need to see how influencers, that is, celebrities and experienced professionals, are doing it.

So you need to follow twitter influencers for two purposes:

  1. To see how accomplished people in your niche do things
  2. To get access to people following these influencers who you can also relate to.
  3. To interact with the influencers and allow their followers to notice you. (Some people actually follow you when they notice your interactions with Influencers)


4. Tweet relevantly.

Be an informer (social media user who shares relevant info useful to others), not a meformer (social media user who always share information about their daily activities). The only people who have the right to be meformers are mostly celebrities, MediaCo and Non-media organization twitter user-types.

Share things related to your niche, tweet information, give out tips and retweet things and news related to your niche.

Tweet with keywords in your niche so you can appear in the search results for those keywords on twitter. Everyday, twitter users use the twitter search box to search for users, tweets, hashtags , conversations, etc dominating a certain niche.

Here’s an example of content to tweet:

  • Tweet inspiring quotes at least once a day.
  • Tweet roundups posts and tag people you’ve mentioned in you tweets.

  • Create long-form twitter contents with twitter threads (Example above)
  • Ask questions with twitter polls
  • Include visuals in your tweets


5. Follow Twitter Trends and use relevant hashtags

Most times, twitter trends can be related to your chosen country or countries. But one of the best ways to get twitter followers organically is by tweeting something with a trending hashtag. Of course, there are hashtags that trend everyday or trend generally in your niche.

Janice Wald recently wrote a list with 245 different hashtags relevant to marketing. Check it out.


6. Reach out to people on Twitter

Don’t just think of twitter as a place to get what you want, twitter is a social media network and it’s a great place to connect with different sorts of people.

So Connect, Interact… And don’t be spammy…

You can thank people for following you and from there build relationships with them. (Some people automatically thank you for following them and offer you some free product afterwards or a link to something interesting they think you might be interested in).

Another way to connect is to retweets people’s post that you’re interested in. Although, originally, this feature was probably built to connect people on twitter. There are too many retweets and you can’t keep up with all of them. The only thing you can do is to use some twitter follower tools to identify the followers interacting the most with your content.

Another great way to connect is to use the twitter share button on people’s site to share on twitter, it’s most likely that you’ll be able to connect to the owner of the site because their handles are usually attached to the shared link so they can keep track of people sharing their content on twitter.

Try to help people on twitter as well. When someone’s tweet is promotional in nature and they’re trying to promote something, you can share this content on your own twitter accounts just to help them without expecting anything back. I hold on to the firm idea that karma will always work for you, if you help tweet other people’s promotional content, when you have your own content to promote, you’ll get people to also promote it without asking for anything in return. Just make sure what you’re sharing is related to your niche (most times).


7. Tweet at the right time

Wisdom is doing the right thing at the right time.

Just like anything in the world, there is a right time to tweet. This right time is the time when most of your twitter followers are active and are able to see your content.

The infographic below display a general optimal timing for tweeting when most twitter followers are active.

best-time-to-post-on-twitter twitter followers

Source Link: Best time to post on twitter

However, because of time zones and the different hours between different countries, this might not work for you, so you can use the free twitter tool Tweriod to know when your twitter followers are most active based on the time zone in your twitter account. You can also sync the time analysis provided to your buffer scheduling app.

This a sample of a free analysis I conducted with Tweriod on my twitter account:

twitter followers tweriods analysis



8. Join twitter chats

Join and actively participate in twitter chats. Not just any twitter chats, but twitter chats relevant to your niche.

Twitter chats are your opportunity to meet people of like mind in your niche, get more knowledge about certain subjects and increase twitter followers from your niche of choice.

If you can afford to, you can also pitch yourself as a guest on twitter chats, this would land you a whole time bomb of twitter followers all interested in not just your niche but also your brand. However, the only way you can land a guest position on a twitter chat is if you’re an absolute expert in the subject matter.

Here’s alist of twitter chats from certain niches created by Simon Zaku that you can participate in if they’re related to your niche.



9. Tweet regularly

Don’t be an irregular twitter user if you can help it. (Although sometimes you may not be able to help it).

Post regularly and frequently. The more you tweet frequently about relevant topics in your niche, the more you get twitter followers.

Before some strategic twitter users (Twitter influencers included) follow you, one of the things that they check for is your last tweets and how relevant the content of the tweet is to their niche. So keep your twitter account active, reply to mentions, interact with the your retweeters and the tweets of your followers and those you’re following and find content related to your niche to tweet.



10. Monitor your twitter analytics

Twitter analytics don’t just exist to make the twitter user interface look nice, they exist to help you reach out and get more twitter followers. You can learn and understand more about your audience, what kind of content gets more interactions, optimal times to post and other twitter key performance metrics using twitter analytics.



11. Provide Value

Use your twitter account to provide value to your twitter followers and other twitter users. Most people offer a link to their mailing list which allows them to give out free resources to their followers.

So you can offer free stuffs or links to free resources via your twitter account, retweet interesting updates in your niche, contribute to other people’s knowledge by replying to question tweets, share motivational and encouraging quotes, etc.



12. Ask people to follow you.

Yes, blatantly reach out on other social media networks you are on and ask people to follow you.

If you’re a blogger, add the follow me on twitter button to your side bar.


13. Try to reduce the number of people who unfollow you

People usually find themselves asking questions like: Why am I losing twitter followers?, why are my twitter followers dropping?, Why twitter followers decrease, Why twitter followers drop, etc.

The answer to this is simple: People are unfollowing you.

So why are your twitter followers unfollowing you?

A group of Korean researchers attempted to study why people unfollow on twitter and concluded that people unfollow you when you:

  • Post about topics unrelated to your niche
  • Update people too frequently about the mundane details of your life.
  • Post about many things at the same time


14. Schedule your tweets

There are a lot of twitter tools you can use to schedule your tweets. If you schedule your tweets, it means you’re regularly tweeting and you can schedule the tweets to target the specific times when most of your twitter followers are active (even if you’re not).

You can schedule your tweets with Buffer and Hootsuite.



15. Pin your best tweet

When you pin your best tweet offering a free resource or very vital information at the top of your tweets stream, people who check out your profile are encouraged to follow you.


16. Ask your email subscribers to follow you on twitter.

17. Use call to actions such as Please Retweet, RT, etc to get more interaction to your tweets.


18. Post shareable content

Apart from tweeting relevantly, share content that is entertaining and informative to garner shares and retweets which will get you more twitter followers.


19. Don’t buy twitter followers

Yes, I already mentioned this earlier but I feel as though I need to mention it again.

Buying twitter followers is risky because:

  • It violates Twitter terms and conditions.
  • Your account may get suspended.
  • Your account could also be hackedfrom the same site you purchased twitter followers since they’ll most likely get your twitter login details.
  • Fake twitter followers are bad for your twitter account engagement rates.
  • You won’t be able to depend on your twitter analytics information.



20. Embed tweets to your website

You can embed tweets to your website content or embed your twitter feed (retweets, tweets, likes, etc) on your website.

Embedding tweets to your website content is similar to the way I showed you tweets on my twitter account.

Embedding your twitter feed to your website kills two birds with one stone. It allows you to engage your audience and share informative news with your website visitors related to your niche. (You can check my own twitter feeds on the sidebar of this blog)



21. Follow people everyday


22. Don’t just curate, create too

Roy Povarchik advises you to create, don’t just be a content curator. According to Roy, people don’t care about the speaker that plays the song, they care about the song playing. So be a singer rather than a speaker.

In plain english, to become a twitter superstar, rather than trying to be helpful and sharing links to other people’s websites, retweeting, etc, Roy advises you to create stuff: content to be shared, products, etc.

Check out his Pyramid of Greatness:

Twitter followers pyramid

Source Link: Pyramid of Greatness



Here are the free Twitter Followers Tools, all you have to do is search for the ones that work for what you want to achieve on twitter. To do that, you can read reviews, blog posts, etc and experiment a little with some of them.

I use Crowdfire App to manage my followers and unfollowers, Tweriod for my time, Buffer for my twitter scheduling, etc.

  1. Followerwonk
  2. Tweriod
  3. Ignitwit
  4. Twiends
  5. Manageflitter
  6. Twibble
  7. Social Quants
  8. HiSocial
  9. SocialDog
  10. Massplanner
  11. Hootsuite
  12. Audiense
  13. Crowdfire
  14. Klout
  15. TweetDeck
  16. Twitonomy
  17. Tweepi
  18. Twtpol
  19. GroupTweet
  20. TweetReach
  21. SocialOomph
  22. AgoraPulse
  23. Twilerts
  24. it
  25. TweetStats
  26. Triberr
  28. Buffer
  29. Hootsuite
  30. Twitter Native
  31. TrendsMap
  32. Sprout Social
  33. RiteTag
  34. #tagdef
  35. Hashtagify

You can use these resources to understand how some of these free twitter follower tools work:

Wrapping Up,

Well, that’s all from me today. I hope you were able to pick out some useful things from this post.

If you have any questions, comments, advice, objections, etc to this post on how to get followers on twitter, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I love hearing from you!


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