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I remember when I first heard about Bitcoin, I was pretty skeptical about it because I had seen numerous people scammed out of their money under the guise of many internet get rich schemes. I was intrigued with the idea of bitcoin but I was not willing to actually buy the coins with my money.

There are many people out there in the world who have heard all about bitcoin and the benefits of using it but they find it difficult to justify the cost and risk of taking from their hard-earned money to buy the coins. You may be one of them or you might just be someone already earning with bitcoin who wants to earn extra bitcoin by the side and that’s why you’re reading this post.

Well, let me make this clear, there is no easy way to earn free bitcoin. Even those earning it by investing money have to be wise and careful about it.

1 bitcoin is currently (27 April, 2018) equal to $9,284.11. That’s a whole lot of money so you have to actually make some efforts to earn them and that is why I’m providing you with these 16 Options to earn free bitcoin. I’ve divided the list into three: NO-RISK, LOW-RISK AND HIGH-RISK representing the risk level of these 16 ways of earning bitcoin online.



  1. Earn free bitcoin from Paid to click or PTC sites

PTC sites give you small amounts of bitcoin (satoshis) for viewing ads and visiting websites. Simply put, you’re paid to click ads on the PTC sites and then you’re given a certain amount of satoshi for your clicks on 5-seconds ad, 10-seconds ads or 30-seconds ads. Although, you have to confirm that you’re human by solving a captcha and you’re limited to a number of clicks every day, this is the best and easiest way to earn free bitcoin.

earn free bitcoin through ptc sites

  1. Earn free bitcoin with Bitcoin Faucets

Just like the name suggests, bitcoin faucets are like taps (faucets) dripping bitcoin instead of water. It completely emulates the idea of a tap in the sense that, just as dripping water in a tap takes time to accumulate into a droplet before it drips, bitcoin faucet earners have to wait for a certain duration (minutes, hours or days) before they can collect their accumulated coins.

To make it simpler to understand, a bitcoin faucet is simply a web page running with lots of advertisements that rewards tiny fractions of bitcoin (satoshis) to visitors which they claim at certain intervals of time.

All you need to earn free bitcoin is to have a bitcoin wallet address or the micro wallet address that the bitcoin faucet of your choice supports to get paid. The faucet is a good idea especially for people that use the internet regularly as you can just open it up In a separate window on your web browser and go back to claim satoshis at the faucet’s revisit time.

earn free bitcoins through bitcoin faucets

  1. Earn free bitcoin while Playing Games

If the idea of clicking ads on PTC sites or revisiting faucet sites to earn free bitcoin sounds boring, you can also easily find online games that pay players bitcoin either as a reward for reaching higher levels or for playing the games on a timely basis.

earn free bitcoins by playing games

  1. Earn free bitcoin completing Micro Tasks

There are many ways to earn satoshis from bitcoin paying sites that give micro jobs/tasks. You’ll be given tasks such as signing up on a website, captcha data entry, downloading an application, watching a video, retweeting a post, testing an application, etc.

Examples of sites that pay you to do micro tasks are CoinBucks and BitcoinGet.

earn free bitcoin by completing micro jobs

  1. Earn free bitcoin by Shortening your URL links

You can shorten your URL links to earn free bitcoins with bitcoin paying websites like CoinURL that allow you to earn bitcoin for every click on your shortened links. You can shorten the links to your website, blogs, tweets, forum posts, torrents, images, etc and get paid with bitcoin for every click.

DISADVANTAGES: According to my research,

  • CoinURL has very bad processing
  • It also has almost non-existent customer care services
  1. Earn free bitcoin by answering questions

On a website like Bitfortip, you get paid for giving the best answer to a question that someone posts with a reward.

You should probably know that:

  • The question, most times, requires some research.
  • The amount of bitcoin is determined by the person that posted the question.
  • Despite your research, your answer might not be the best answer to the question.
  1. Earn free bitcoin by Reading books is a site that works like a regular faucet and pays users for turning the pages of old classic books like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen every ten minutes. Like any faucet sites, to prevent bots and fraudulent, users are asked to solve captchas before you can claim free bitcoin.

You don’t actually have to read the book, all you have to do is open the page down, do something else for ten minutes, come back and turn the pages.

earn free bitcoins by reading books

  1. Earn free bitcoin through Bitcoin affiliate marketing

I’m sure everyone has heard of affiliate marketing. If you haven’t, it’s basically promoting a product and getting people to buy it in exchange for a a certain amount of money or a percentage of the money paid by the person you referred.

You can earn free bitcoin through Bitcoin affiliate marketing in two ways:

  1. Sending traffic or people to sign up at bitcoin related sites such as PTC sites, micro jobs sites and bitcoin faucet sites
  2. Promoting bitcoin products or other products and getting paid with bitcoin.

9. Sell your things online

You can also earn free bitcoin selling things like digital products, ebooks or even physical products in bitcoin paying sites very similar to Jiji or OLX where you can just list your used or new items for sale. One such site is Bitify.

Earn free bitcoin by selling things online

  1. Writing about Bitcoin

People who write about bitcoin and get paid for it will definitely not call it earning free bitcoin because to be able to write about bitcoin requires time, knowledge, expertise, lots of research and the ability to write in an engaging manner and fluently in the required language (usually english).

You can find bitcoin blogs looking for writers through Coinality. BitcoinTalk Signature campaigns is a site that also pays people to actually advertise bitcoin products, expose bitcoin scams, etc but you should probably know that they pay based on membership levels.

earn free bitcoin by writing

  1. Supply bitcoin-related services

You have two options. You can provide services and get paid with bitcoin or you can actually provide bitcoin-related services such as blockchain developer, mining expert that people are willing to pay for. Don’t forget that I told you in one of my older posts about 57 freelance skills to earn you good money that Bitcoin was rated number one fastest growing skill by Upwork in the list they released in the fourth quarter of 2017.

You can get paid on sites like XBT freelancers with bitcoins.


  1. Open a bitcoin savings account

You can get free bitcoin by getting some percent of interest added to your money monthly for opening a bitcoin savings account. A site like Magnr give a promotional rate of 2.1% interest every month for opening a savings account with them.


  • Many online sites pretend to be savings account just to steal your bitcoin with bogus offers of high interest rates.
  • I really don’t trust that an online savings account can’t fold up anytime and disappear with my money. But that’s just me and I’m pretty jaded when it comes to making money online.

13. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is actually the traditional way to earn bitcoin. Though I wouldn’t call bitcoin earned through mining free because it actually takes effort. It involves a process of solving mathematical calculations to mine bitcoin on specific high-end computers or devices.

You can buy devices specially made to mine bitcoin, join a mining pool and download the bitcoin mining software. After following the necessary instructions and procedures, your mining device will mine bitcoin day and night until your mining device is switched off.


  • I don’t believe people without adequate training should go into bitcoin mining.
  • Many online sites offer to mine for you at a price but most times they just want to steal your bitcoins or money.
  • Bitcoin mining technology can be quite expensive.
  • Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity, if you’re not careful, your electricity bills might just be higher than what you earned mining.

14. Bitcoin Lending

The idea of bitcoin lending is pretty simple- if you own some bitcoin and want to increase their value, you lend out certain amounts of it to people possibly for crypto-related projects and get them back with interest.


Although you can get some very high returns through lending, there is also a risk that some people won’t return your money which is why it is important to choose your borrowers or lending projects very wisely.


  1. Bitcoin trading

Apart from selling your things online, you can also trade (buy/sell) shares and dividends. There are many internet brokers available to act between buyers and sellers to perform trading operations.

However, you have to have cash to convert into Bitcoin and join online brokers such as Binary options, bitcoin CFDS (contracts for difference) and bitcoin day trading to start trading.


  • There is a huge risk of losing your money especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and many bitcoin trading sites are just ponzi schemes so be very careful.
  1. Gambling

Okay, I don’t approve of gambling but I have to give you all your possible options and there are actually people earning bitcoin by gambling. Gambling is undoubtedly the best way to double or triple your bitcoin but it’s also the best way to lose all your bitcoin and that is it’s disadvantage.

Examples of bitcoin gambling sites are: Bitcoin Rush, Betcoin, Bit Casino, Betking, Fairproof and many others.


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