about Student Hustler

Hi, I’m Moshope Ajiboye, the founder of Student Hustler!

LEVEL ONE (1/4 About Student Hustler):

Before you go any further, please answer this questions:

Question: Are you a student?

Your answer should be: Does anyone ever actually stop learning? Of course, I am a student.

Question: Do you want to make money online?

Your answer should be: Doesn’t everyone?

Question: How about offline?

Your answer should be: As long as I’m making good money through legitimate sources, who cares?

My Declaration: If your answers were similar to the answers under “Your answers should be”, then you’re good to go, you may proceed to the next level.

LEVEL TWO (2/4 About Student Hustler):

What do you stand to gain from Student Hustler?

Student Hustler is a blog designed to assist students (especially undergraduates or college students) to reach financial freedom either by making money online or offline.

I built the Student Hustler blog to assist you to:

  • Start your own business.
  • Make money online and offline.
  • Start a side hustle to complement the wages from your job or the pocket money you receive from home.
  • Expose you to the ways you can earn both passive and residual income.
  • And ultimately, help you reach financial freedom.

Though I can’t say I am a billionaire or anything, on this blog, I will openly and passionately share all the concepts, strategies, tools and resources that I have discovered and continue to discover on my way to Billionaire Entrepreneur status.

LEVEL THREE (3/4 About Student Hustler):

Why did I start the blog?

I started Student Hustler because I, myself, struggled for sometime to start making money offline and online as such I searched and scoured the internet for means of making money as a student. Rarely did I find content focused solely on students so I decided to start a blog.

Since, I wasn’t sure I could actually make money from the blog or that I would even find people willing to listen to what I had to say, I started a free blog: studentsandentrepreneurs.wordpress.com till I decided after attending a Whatsapp seminar that building a blog with my money might just be worth the cost and experience whether the blog got traffic or not.

LEVEL FOUR (4/4 About Student Hustler):

The Girl Behind Student Hustler

I don’t want to bore you so I’ll make this short, I was born to a pretty middle income family, you know, not poor and not rich. And though, things like school fees were regularly provided, some of our needs were left out especially when they weren’t a necessity.

At the tender age of thirteen, I discovered the internet and part of its capabilities through my phone while searching for the second book of Harry Potter online. Soon, I was reading people’s success stories about how they made money on the internet and I wanted to be like them, especially since I was so painfully shy and introverted that I hardly had any friends.

Since I loved the anonymity of the internet (I had body and beauty issues), I started exploring means of making money online but I didn’t take any actions for a long time just reading and accumulating a lot of knowledge. I was especially discouraged because, as a Nigerian, I had very few opportunities to get my online earnings till I discovered favourable earning options for Nigerians.

I first started making money clicking ptc sites and doing surveys but I soon discovered that those kind of jobs could only produce little money. Now in my final year in the University, I am a content developer: writing search engine optimized blog posts and website content, a blogger and an affiliate marketer. I also build WordPress blogs and websites and I have a couple of offline businesses. I still have a long way to go but I have learnt a lot on my journey to the Entrepreneur I am today and I’m very eager to share with you.

If you want me to check out your site, you can drop it along with your comment below. Thanks for reading.

You can contact me for any number of reasons:

  • You want to buy any of my services.
  • You want me to write a Guest Post on your site
  • And many others.

Just send me a whatsapp message: 08094254255

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