An Interview with the Founder of OAU Peeps News Agency, David Adetula, “Whatsapp Status Journalism is no Journalism.”

interview with oau peeps founder david adetula

Today on the Student Hustler Blog, we’re not going to be talking about making money rather we’ll be interviewing a very interesting person whose idea of a blog started out as nothing and became OAU Peeps News Agency posting latest news from one of the best Universities in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University.

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Make Money Online

9 reasons why your business needs an online presence

online presence

In the competitive world that we find ourselves today, word-of-mouth referrals and other traditional marketing channels are no longer enough to promote your business. In fact, sticking to these old traditional channels is like keeping your business, products or services locked in a box such that even though people are passing by and they’re curious about your business, you still miss out because not all of them will be pushed by their curiosity to approach you. Continue Reading

Make Money Offline


66 side hustle ideas for students

One of my friends – Jane needs money, the money given to her as pocket money from home is mostly insufficient to cover her needs. On Tuesday, her mother sent her N6000 (roughly calculated as $16) to cover all her expenses for the month. She needs to restock her foodstuff with at least N3000 (roughly calculated as $8), by the end of the week, she has to buy some textbooks and pay some lab fees worth of N3000 (roughly calculated as $8). By the time, she does all this, what will she spend during the month? Continue Reading

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